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The department of History is established in the year 1994 along with the establishment of the college, History is one of the important subjects in Arts faculty. It is defined as ‘A continual communication between the past and present’. It means that history is not related just with the past, but it has a connection with the present and future also.  It decides the undercurrents of the present society. If we do not know the past, it becomes quite difficult to take decisions in the present that will shape our future.


To provide a very good insight into the past, which helps to explore what all is left   behind and what all elements connect these to the ancient forefathers.

To shape the personality of the student for balanced future citizens


}To creates awareness of time and space, society and culture.

}To promotes values;

}To motivate the students to respect the opinions of our fellow beings.

}To create courage   to handle notorious issues with complete sympathy.

}To inculcates loyalty to the nation.

}To prepare the students for higher education.

}To prepare the students for research.

}To prepare the students for admission to Professional courses.