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The Department of chemistry envisions that it will be recognized by institutions of higher learning for excellence in teaching, mentorship of students and research in chemistry.


  Our mission is to prepare students for professional practice, post graduate and doctoral studies and lifelong learning towards advancement of Chemical science for betterment of Mankind. To create a work and learning environment in which every student is encouraged to reach his or her full potential.


ØTo achieve academic excellence in basic and applied aspects of chemical    sciences.

ØTo impart basic and advanced education to students through teaching, learning, research and evaluation.

ØTo motivate the students to undertake research in basic and applied thrust  areas of chemical sciences.

ØTo inculcate scientific awareness and Environmental management of chemical resources for sustainable development.

ØTo inspire the students towards better understanding and use of IT/Computer oriented learning resources.

ØTo create students interest in the subject of chemistry and increase their progression in post graduation.