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The department of Sociology is established in the year 1994 along with the establishment of the college, Sociology is one of the important subjects in Arts faculty. The Faculty Always encourages the students to come up with different aspects to glow the society with different colours. The department is highly involved with research activities.


The vision of the department is to improve the development of the human being in the society.


To study the Social phenomenon and social problems of the society.The comparative Study of the rural, Backward, tribal  and Urban Society.

Objectives of The Department

•The comparative Study of Indian and Western Society

•To prepare the students for higher education.

•To prepare the students for research.

•To prepare the students for admission to Professional courses.

•To study the social problems of the society.

•To enlighten the human being with education.

•To plan the objective for the social development.

•To study the social phenomenon and social thinker and their theories.