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Degree Courses
Bachelor of Arts (Part-I,II & III)
(Semester Pattern)
compulsory Subjects1) English
2) Marathi
Elective subjects (Any three)1)History
2)Political Science
5)Marathi Literature
6)Home Economics

Bachelor of Commerce
(Semester Pattern)
B.Com I1)English
3)Financial Accounts-1
4)Basics of Computer and Statistical Technique
5)Principal of Business Management
6)Business Economics
7) Human Resource Development
B.Com II1)English
3)Financial Accounts-2
4)Company Law and Secretarial Practice
5)Cost and Management Accounts
6)Monetary Economics
7)Human Resource Development (Organization Behavior)
B.Com III1)Financial Accounts-3
2)Business Law
3) Auditing & Income Tax
4)Business Communication & Management
5)Indian Economics
6)Human Resource Development (Industrial Relation & Labor Laws)

Bachelor of Science (Part-I,II & III)
(Semester Pattern)
Group I1)English
Group II1)English

Note: Environmental Science is compulsory for B.A.-II, B.Com.-II and B.Sc.-II.

Master of Science
(Semester Pattern)
Semester I1) CH-101 Paper I (Inorganic Chemistry)
2) CH-102 Paper II (Organic Chemistry)
3) CH-103 Paper III (Physical Chemistry)
4) CH-104 Paper IV (Analytical Chemistry)
5) CH-105 Practical I (Inorganic Chemistry)
6) CH-106 Practical II (Organic Chemistry)
7) CH-107 Seminar-I  
Semester II1) CH-201 Paper V (Inorganic Chemistry)
2) CH-202 Paper VI (Organic Chemistry)
3) CH-203 Paper VII (Physical Chemistry)
4) CH-204 Paper VIII (Analytical Chemistry)
5) CH-205 Practical IV (Physical Chemistry)
6) CH-206 Practical V (Analuytical Chemistry)
7) CH-207 Seminar-II  
Semester III1) CH-301 Paper IX (Spectroscopy)
2) CH-302 Paper X (Special I-Inorganic/Organic/Physical/Analytical)
3) CH-303 Paper XI (Special II-Inorganic/Organic/Physical/Analytical)
4) CH-304 Paper XII (Elective-Applied Analytical/Nuclear/Environmental /Polymer/Medicinal)
5) CH-305 Practical V Special (Inorganic/Organic/Physical/Analyticval)
6) CH-306 Practical VI Elective (Applied Analytical/Nuclear/Envirtonmental/Polymer/Medicinal)
7) CH-307 Seminar-III
Semester IV1) CH-401 Paper XIII (Spectroscopy)
2) CH-402 Paper XIV (Special I-Inorganic/Organic/Physical/Analytical)
3) CH-403 Paper XV (Special II-Inorganic/Organic/Physical/Analytical)
4) CH-404 Paper XVI (Elective-Applied Analytical/Nuclear/Environmental Polymer/Medicinal)
5) CH-405 Practical VII Special (Inorganic/Organic/Physical/Analytical)
6) CH-406 Practical VIII Project
7) CH-407 Seminar-IV  

Master in Computers Management
(Semester Pattern)
Semester I1)Commercial Practices
2)Information and Communication Technology
3)Office Automation
4)Programming Techniques with C
5)Practical-I based on Theory Paper 2 and 3
6)Practical-II based on Theory Paper 4
Semester II1)DBMS Concepts
2)System Analysis and Project Management
3)Operating System and Linux
4)Computerized Accounting using Tally
5)Practical I based on Theory Paper 1 and 2
6)Practical II based on Theory Paper 3 and 4